The Story

The Designer

Hey, I'm Serena. I'm a multicultural Latina designer creating modern, versatile jewelry using ethical materials for independent people like you, who make a statement. I know you don't fit into a box; that's why I love creating exclusive collections and one-of-a-kind jewelry just for you!

People like you who:

  • Love limited edition high-quality pieces
  • Make your own rules
  • Express yourself through your unique style
  • Value excellence and creativity in all aspects of life
    Hammered Hoops Earrings With Chain

Nueva Luxe began when I was looking for a pair of big hoop earrings I could picture in my mind but couldn't find anywhere. I searched online, in stores, and on Instagram with no luck. So, taking matters into my own hands, I searched YouTube and learned how to make the earrings myself. Then, I made more, and more, and more earrings. I decided to take a risk and post the earrings I made on Instagram. By the next day, each pair had sold. That was the moment I knew making jewelry could be something I pursued seriously.

Nueva Luxe reflects my travels, love of art, and the confident, multifaceted people who inspire me daily. I believe the feeling a unique piece of jewelry can give the wearer should last long after the first wear. Therefore, I choose ethical stones and recycled metals whenever possible. 

Handmade Rose Quartz, Pearl, & Gold Circle EarringsI design for people who are confident, cultured, and care about the world around them. They are unique individuals who value craftsmanship and aren't afraid to take risks. The excitement you feel when seeing a landmark or a work of art by your favorite artist for the first time is the feeling I want you to have when you see yourself in a piece of jewelry from Nueva Luxe.

Philanthropy is also an essential component of the Nueva Luxe story. For each one of your orders, I donate to a non-profit organization.

Are you ready to make a statement? Head to my shop now to find your perfect piece. 

Serena Alfaro Founder and Designer of Nueva Luxe in black and white at the beach in Long Beach, CA