Nueva Luxe Joins Rising TIDE's First Scavenger Hunt & Small Business Fair

Nueva Luxe participates in Rising TIDE's first ever small business fair.

Rising TIDE's Scavenger Hunt & Small Business Fair was an excellent opportunity to support other local small businesses and meet new folks in the community.

Rising TIDE's mission is to empower children and youth of low-income multicultural families in the greater Long Beach area through academic support, mentoring, cultural enrichment, arts, sports, and recreational programming.

I love the organization's mission, so I was happy to be invited to support their event. It was my first time setting-up my booth to sell in person, so it was an enjoyable opportunity and a great experience.

All of the vendors at the small business fair offer great products and have fantastic missions. I've linked all the other participating small businesses below so that you can check them out.

  1. Around the Corner Box 
  2. Pueblita's Tortillas 
  3. BRIQ 
  4. Feel Good Salsa 
  5. Luna Impressions Shop 
  6. Everytable 
  7. Confidential Coffee 

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