Celebrate Yourself With Jewelry

Many women enjoy buying jewelry for themselves. According to National Jeweler, 51% of millennial women buy themselves jewelry. This statistic is interesting because so much marketing around jewelry focuses on gifting. Jewelry is a great way to express personal style and celebrate yourself. Of course, it's a lovely way to commemorate a special occasion too!

Jewelry buyers want to be sure that they're getting something that is well-made and will last.

As a result, many choose to buy from small businesses specializing in high-quality, small-batch jewelry. These businesses often have a more personal touch, and they can offer unique styles that you won't find at the big box stores. Keep in mind, these business can have brick and mortar location or operate strictly online. 

source: Zippia.com 

When it comes to buying jewelry, small businesses are a great choice.

Here are a few reasons why:

1. Small businesses often offer unique styles. As a result, you can usually find something special that you won't find anywhere else.

2. Small jewelry manufacturers often use quality materials in their jewelry, which is good news for customers because the jewelry will last longer.

3. Small businesses can offer more personalized customer service than big box stores. Small companies can often quickly help if you have any questions before your purchase or problems.

Unique and high-quality pieces make for a more memorable purchase. They are often more meaningful to the person wearing them. Jewelry companies reported a 38% increase in custom jewelry sales from 2019 to 2020. Experts point to millennials' increased focus on individuality over tradition and social media providing more inspiration and options than a traditional jewelry store would, increasing customers' desire for a customized item. Check out Nueva Luxe's custom options.

When you purchase from a small business, you support the local economy and help to keep jobs in the community. You are also more likely to find quality pieces that are not mass-produced. These details make them more memorable and often more meaningful to the person wearing them.

One of the best things about jewelry is that it can be a perfect way to celebrate yourself.

Whether you're treating yourself to a new piece after a significant accomplishment or simply because you feel like it, jewelry is always a welcome gift. It's a great way to show yourself some love and appreciation. And when you wear it, you'll feel more confident and beautiful. It can be a reminder of your accomplishment or simply a token of appreciation for yourself. So go ahead and treat yourself to that piece of jewelry you've been eyeing. You deserve it!

So next time you need a new piece of jewelry, skip the big box stores and support your local businesses instead.

And don't forget to celebrate yourself while you're at it!

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