Sourcing Tahitian Pearls in French Polynesia and the legend of Oro

I recently returned from my trip to French Polynesia, and it was my first time leaving the country in over two years. Of course, I couldn't visit Tahiti without searching for some Tahitian pearls to bring home. As always, I did a lot of research before my trip, so I could visit the right places to find high-quality pearls.

The legend of the Tahitian Pearl is that the Polynesian god Oro came down to earth on a rainbow for princess Bora Bora. He gave her black pearls as an offering that would last forever because they were made with love, affection, and intention.

Tahitian pearls are so precious they are known as Queen of Pearls or Pearl of Queens.

When I wasn't busy snorkeling with sharks and sting rays and eating poisson cru, I made my way to visit some pearl vendors I'd researched. I sorted through thousands of pearls to find a handful to bring home. It was hard because there were so many beautiful pearls to choose from, but hopefully, I'll be able to return in the future and come back with even more!